A Tourist Village, in plural property, where the lifestyle is in harmony with nature, that guests can enjoy, continuing the active life, with family and friends in comfort without problems, with support and security.


A small community accommodation of 18 independent units, ranging from one bedroom to three double bedrooms , support facilities including two pools, 117.000 square meter area (11ha) to walk, run, play, cycling, bird watching, night sky, harvest fruit, grow a vegetable garden, enjoy the open air way of life


The conception of the project subjected to the maintenance of the countryside, of their own landscapes, the original species. We do not accept changing Alentejo to be a foreign body in the region. Our houses are typical, the garden trees do not spoil the views, and the main decoration is what is born wild or is indigenous. This leads to a feeling of harmony with nature. A resting place, a meeting place for friends, escape the routine. Fresh air, evasion, “my farmstead” in Alentejo.

GPS: 38.71094973875351,-7.418951901984207
RNET Nº 8514