Built in the eighteenth century this property was originally the irrigated vegetable production place and the watermill of a much larger property. From a nearby mine (the Fountain of the Nuns) always ran an abundant stream, emitted by what was a large aquifer. 

The vegetable Garden

The watermill


The property took advantage of this feature to build a watermill that grinded cereals using the gravitational force of falling water on the blades of a wooden wheel that geared the heavy millstones. It’s what’s left in this building today that gives center and force the entire project – the “Ruin”

New "Monte"


finishes the construction of the new house, which shows the growing human occupation of the territory


the property is acquired to João Grave and starts the recovery of building


Starts the tourist resort, first six “Casas de Campo” and support facilities

GPS: 38.71094973875351,-7.418951901984207
RNET Nº 8514